The production of great leavened products for special occasions (Panettoni, Pandori and Colombe), breakfast leavened products, biscuits, small pastries, single portion and classic desserts, are made with “sincereraw materials, selected and researched by Maestro Attilio Servi in every corner of the country and abroad.

His leavened creations are made exclusively with Acid Paste (Sourdough) realized and sustained with the use of flour and water, only with natural aromas and without the addition of preservers, mixtures or powders, with single ingredients, a distinctive sign of Artisanship in all his products.

Selected flours, natural sourdough, fresh cream butter, vanilla and candied orange peel are some of the ingredients that enhance our products, but the most important component is our Genuine Passion.


Christmas and Easter celebrations, with 13 tons of flour used for Panettone, Pand’Oro and Colomba, are two of the most productive moments for the “Attilio Servi Pasticceria”.

From the Classic Almond Panettone to the “Venchi” dark chocolate 80% and Habanero Panettone – the result of a two-year partnership with the chocolate manufacturer – both awarded prizes at the “Merano Wine Festival ’17“, to the use of wholemeal and five cereals flours for its Colomba “Pear, Ginger and Cardamom” and “Apple and Cinnamon”: each creation is the result of the research of the ingredients and of the innovation of the product, yet maintaining the artisanal tradition.


Attilio Servi is the only one that produces the salted variants from 2014, introducing the salty flavor of some ingredients in the dough of Panettone with the first “Focaccia del contadino“, made with pears and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.

After the success and appreciation on the market, Attilio Servi continued with his Focaccia “Trionfo d’Italia” with dried Pomodoro a Pera d’Abruzzo, Parmigiano and Origano di Pantelleria (Best Salted Panettone award at the “Una Mole di Panettoni 2017” event), Focaccia “All’Amatriciana” and Focaccia “Cacio e Pepe” in 2017 (award at Vinitaly 2017 and at the Merano Wine Festival 2017).

A creative and innovative idea, widely copied and intended to place the “Panettone Salato” as a product to be consumed not only during the Christmas holidays, but all year round as an aperitif accompanied by wines or beers.


Breadcrumb is a sweet temptation, filled with dried fruit and covered with almonds and a rain of powdered sugar. An authentic pastry “delicacy“, ideal for breakfast, at the end of a meal or as a accompaniment to sweet and dessert wines.

The result of the culinary research and intuition of Maestro Attilio Servi, the Breadcrumb is intended to be a sweet treat to be enjoyed during the day.

The Breadcrumbs, just like all of Attilio Servi Pasticceria’s creations, are made using ingredients selected by Mestro Attilio: each product is an explosion of incomparable flavours.


The production of Attilio Servi Pasticceria biscuits encompasses a wide range of products: from traditional sweet biscuits to original fruity and spicy biscuits; all of them are conceived to excite the taste and amaze the senses, thanks to the modern reinterpretation of a typical product of our pastry culture.

Attilio Servi Pasticceria enhances the biscuit, elevating it to an intergenerational product, that can be eaten at different times of the day. Salted Biscuits, born after the success of Salted Foccacce, are revolutionizing the common perception of biscuits, associating them with different moments of consumption, such as aperitifs.

Salted Biscuits are appreciated by a young target, and are often consumed alongside cocktails, beers or wine, enhancing their taste and giving a note of memorable flavor.


A new and innovative business initiative is the ICE Artisanal Line for breakfast leavened products, addressed to the national and international Ho.Re.Ca. sector

The ICE Artisan Line is characterised by the quality of the individual ingredients used, takes the innovation and experimentation of Maestro Attilio Servi into the Ho.Re.Ca circuit.

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