French product with a very high breath and perception, with a very strong note. Its intense and decisive taste makes this a unique product, from a leading company in the field of quality chocolate.


With its large grain and blond colour, it is a particularly succulent grape, with a marked acidic note, which makes the chewing of a pastry pleasant, giving a new balance to the palate with every bite.


The most important of the vanilla family, it is characterised by a pod length of more than 22 cm and a very robust diameter. Its pulp is rich of black seeds, which are the main carrier of taste and scent. Its taste is fresh and fruity, with no hints of liquorice or wood, which affect the tasting.


Originally from Bavaria, it is distinguished by a very sweet note and a round and smooth characteristic. It is not a butter with an intrusive flavour and strong notes, but it envelops the palate and allows all the perfumes to flow, as for example orange or vanilla or any other ingredient that we use for the creation of our product. It is an ingredient that provides a high recognition of the taste of Attilio Servi Pasticceria’s production.


Our eggs come exclusively from free-range hens. This choice ensures the organoleptic and sensory profile for the tasting, giving to our products a yellow color and a strong fragrance, thanks to the feeding of maize and corn of hens farmed in the wild.


The characteristics of our flour are unique. The flour used at Attilio Servi Pasticceria is the result of a partnership with a company that produces wheat, and promotes a very long shelf-life of the product, without the addition of any preserving agent.


Directly from the regions where the best quality oranges are produced, the product is candied when it is fresh, with the skins kept frozen without the use of brine. Deep-freezing preserves the same degree of maturation and the same thickness of skin, preserving the bitter taste of the candied fruit, which makes the tasting enjoyable. The ingredients used for the candying are cane sugar and glucose, with no additives or citric acid.

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