Attilio Servi, Master Pastry Chef and Leavening Specialist

It was Maestro Attilio Servi’s extreme curiosity that led him to leave the professional percussionist’s drumsticks and put on the pastry chef’s jacket. He started by studying and attending the lessons of the most important pastry chefs in Italy.

The current “Attilio Servi Pasticceria” is a laboratory with a surface area of more than one thousand square metres, based on smaller artisanal realities.

Each of these creations is made with “sincereraw materials and using Acidic Paste (Sourdough), realized and sustained with flour and water, only with natural aromas and with single ingredients, which is the distinguishing mark of an artisanal product.

He is an advisor to the most important companies in the industry in Italy as a Master leavening specialist, and each experience of his professional life has formed his sensory taste, contributing to the refinement of an extraordinary palate.

These skills have made him one of the best producers of handmade panettone in Italy, as well as starting a revolution in the industry of specialty leavened products for special occasions.

He was the first to bet on salty variations, introducing the sapidity of certain ingredients in the dough of the “Panettone”. His first creation was called “Focaccia del contadino” (Farmer’s Focaccia); its success and appreciation were followed by the “Focaccia Trionfo d’Italia” (Triumph of Italy Focaccia), the “Focaccia All’Amatriciana” (All’Amatriciana Focaccia) and, in 2017, the prize-winning “Focaccia Cacio e Pepe” (Cheese and Pepper Focaccia).

A creative and innovative concept, highly imitated and destined to set the “Panettone Salato” as a product that can be enjoyed all year round.

The same applies to the introduction of sapidity in biscuits with the Salty Biscuits, considerably less demanding in terms of consumption and highly appreciated by a young target.

The new, innovative entrepreneurial initiative “ICE Artisanal Line” is addressed to the national and international HoReCa sector.

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Attilio Servi Pasticceria is a high-end artisanal, creative and entrepreneurial reality on a national level, distributed in more than 250 pastry shops, wine shops and food and wine shops, all over the territory.

It also grew steadily in exports (Canada, Australia, Spain and Switzerland), where the Panettone Classico Artigianale is now identified and appreciated as the most popular product of Italian confectionery.

Maestro Attilio Servi, Pastry chef and Leavening specialist, describes himself as an “Outsider“. He is one of the most appreciated in Italy, but he has certainly been able to embody artisanal tradition and innovation to the point of creating passionate, surprising and balanced products.

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